Funeral Services

A funeral represents the opportunity to reflect on the meaning on a life that has been lived.  There is a time for sharing, a time for reflection and a time for healing.  Your family is at the center of this whole process.  Your choices will make the funeral a service that is significant for you.

Traditionally the funeral service is considered to be “a complete funeral”. This generally includes a public or private viewing, following there would be a service typically at a church or the funeral home.  The service would then be followed by a burial or cremation, if chosen.  Some families may just desire to have a graveside service, no chapel/church service is necessary.  Quite often this follows a visitation at the funeral home as well.

Items that compliment your service that may include clergy, flowers, memorial programs, monuments (headstones), balloon releases, dove releases, motorized escorts – all of this can be arranged by our staff.